February 24, 2010

A Family is Forever..

While in California over Christmas Vacation 2009, we had our family pictures taken by our good friend, Hollie! She did a remarkable job! We love each picture! So, here's to our family - the Sorensen family 2010!
(top)Kasey, Sierra, Teresa, Kyle, Sarah (& baby boy), Papa Kirk, G'ma Sue, Kirstin & Brett
(bottom) Kaden, Blake, Cambria, Karsen and Colten
the Sorensen family grandkids with Grandma Sue and Papa Kirk
Colten 8, Kaden 8, Sierra 2, Blake 7, Cambria 5 and Karsen 7
Colten and Kaden (left) & Karsen and Blake (right)... Best of Cousins!
They were born so close together.. all boys.. and remain close! It's always a hard ending to a trip to have to separate these boys. They were together every day and night while we visited - never a dull moment between them! We love our cousins!
Cambria and Sierra.. sweethearts! These girls always get when they want! Just look at them - so beautiful! Can't wait 'til their older - they are sure to break a lot of boys hearts!
Kasey's family 2010
Kaden 8,  Blake 7 and  Sierra 2.. Love you guys!


Jay, Holly, Talen said...

What a cute family:)