February 3, 2010

Christmas Morning 2009

Here I am still trying to catch up.. I really need to get to it! Christmas was a blast! The kids got all they wanted and we had a great morning playing with all the fun toys! The boys favorites were their air soft guns, rifle, Erector Sets, IPod and Snowboard... Cambria's favorites were her Nintendo DS, Tag books, magnetic picture sets, HUGE coloring books & GIGANTIC stuffed animals!
Mom and Dad rock!! Colten got a new full snowboard set up.. Cambria got her Nintendo DS to play with the boys..  and Karsen got his OWN IPOD!
"Just what I wanted MOM & DAD... thanks!"
Colten's face after he saw what it was.. does he look happy or what!!
And here they are... new Snowboard Boots.. He couldn't wait to hit the slopes!
More fun stuff... it was an awesome morning!
Cambria was So So excited for her very own new piano book so she could learn to play like her mommy! What a girl! She went right into the piano room and started to play- she wanted a lesson already! MY GIRL!!
We hope you had a wonderful Christmas morning..


Amy said...

Looks like they had a great day, little spoiley butts:) Hey, how was Vegas??? I bet you guys had a blast!