June 8, 2010

January 2010 Teeth, Snow, Vegas!

January was snowy, cold and the kids were back in school.  We skied and snowboarded tons!  We really enjoyed night skiing this year up at Sundance because it gave us the opportunity to ski from 9am - 9pm. We skied a lot from 4 - 9pm because of school!  = Bummer that SKOOL.
So, some things we did get pictures of are..
Karsen lost another tooth... 7 3/4 yrs old.
Night Skiing at Sundance ROCKED this year!
Here are the boys on a snowy night....
Dad and Cambria on a fun night skiing adventure!
and I always loved a day or two skiing with Amy!
In the end of January, we took a weekend get-a-way to Las Vegas with Nick & Anna and stayed at the Four Seasons Hotel. We golfed a few rounds at Badlands, danced at a few nightclubs including TAO, and ate delicious food! Nick and Anna really know how to have a good time!
Nick and Brett..  friends since they were KIDS!
This was after they both shot a HOLE in 1... they wish!
Anna making us aware of the dangers on the course!
                                These creatures don't look that dangerous!                          I just love this guy!
Me & Anna.... we had the most fun of all!
We needed a great weekend together... and we got it!
Thanks Nick and Anna for making it so memorable!
(Did I mention this was suppose to be just a GUYS weekend of golfing?)


Caleen said...

Night Skiing.. That is the first time I learned to ski.. At Night!!
How fun.. Golfing well, you make it look fun but, I don't get the sport..
I am sure we will be readingin the news about your boys playing basketball .. Have a happy fun, summer!