June 10, 2010

February 2010 B-days, Love, Feet & Shows!

February was full of fabulous entertainment!
First of all, Colten turned 9 years old! I can't believe how fast he has grown up! 
He's a brilliant, funny, nice, friendly and helpful boy! He still loves sports - especially basketball, baseball, skiing and snowboarding! He also always enjoys beating his dad in a game of Call of Duty or whatever else he wants to play!
 He had an OLYMPIC themed BIRTHDAY PARTY which was a huge success!
His birthday sign this year included all the sports he enjoys playing!
We had many fun games set up all over the house in which all the kids competed in! The most popular was the shoot-out! We actually let kids shoot air-soft guns inside our house!!
Back Row: Cambria, Olivia, Lauren, Conner, Jakob, Josh, Colten, Jacob & Karsen
Front Row: Koby, Ethan, Christian, Jake & Spencer
Then, we had to have a SUPER BOWL PARTY.. and boy was it fun!
We ate the yummiest food and played all day!
Valentine's Day is always fun as the kids get treats and surprises... just because 
we LOVE 'em!
Aren't they just TOO CUTE!!
the boys didn't want to take more pictures, but Cambria kept holding them tight so they couldn't move!
but Cambria stuck around to take a photo shoot!  I took picture after picture and pose after pose. This was her favorite! Sometimes she's just hilarious!
Mom and Dad.. Valentine's Date 2010.. Still so sweetly in LOVE! and
Cambria showing off her new Valentine's PJ's from G'ma Sue!
Valentine's Day Breakfast!   Pink, Pink, Pink!
Feet... Feet... Feet!
I don't know about anybody else, but I didn't think our feet would ever be so close in size.. Just try to guess who's feet these are!
One kids foot is on the Left in each picture and one kids foot is on the Right!
So.. do you know whose feet these are yet??
Pictured above: COLTEN (9yrs) is on the LEFT and KARSEN (7 11/12yrs) is on the RIGHT!
But this picture is the FUNNIEST one of ALL
 Feet in order from L to R: COLTEN,  MOM,  and KARSEN!
I thought they wouldn't catch me until they were at least in 5th grade! This happened way sooner than expected but the upside is - I can buy the boys really cool  $$$ shoes and I can wear them!
COOPER and CAMBRIA swinging on the swings.. K - i - S - S - i - N - G!  
Oh wait.. that's later in life.  Cooper (Skousen) was one of Cambria's favorite friends in Kindergarten and we loved it when he could play at our house. They had the GREATEST time together and there was never any GIRL DRAMA!
Cambria's poster for her STUDENT of the WEEK at school!
Cambria had her BROADWAY BOUND performance the end of February. 
She sang Disney songs, danced and acted a role in a scene from "WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE".
Her brothers gave her FLOWERS after her show - I think that was the BEST part for her!!
Afterwards, we ate at her favorite place! And why not choose the BEST PIZZA JOINT close to home - the PIZZA FACTORY! But what we really came for was the NEVER ON SUNDAE DESSERT! A warm, soft, snicker doodle cookie topped with vanilla ice cream, cinnamon-sugar and caramel. 
(I think I'll go get one right now - don't tell the kids!)
February was Fun, Fabulous and unForgettably the Best!


Caleen said...

Wow you guys really had some fun times.. Love the feet.. I know you already passed me boys.. :) You really know how to throw a good party.. Love the decorations too.. Cambria is a cutie.. You have a talented bunch :) XXOOXXOOXX