June 14, 2010

March 2010 Skiing/Snowboarding, Karsen's 8th B-day & Baptism

This skiing/snowboarding season was absolutely amazing for our family! We enjoyed many, many days on the slopes at SUNDANCE, UTAH! Our kids rock & rolled each day and made huge progress. Watch out for them in the OLYMPICS!! Colten's amazing on his snowboard and has a very SMOOTH TECHNIQUE. Karsen's a SPEED DEMON and DOWNHILL RACER on skis and his little sister is never far behind! Cambria has NO FEAR whatsoever and loves to beat us down the hills and find JUMPS! All 3 kids conquered a few BLACK DIAMONDS and enjoyed many adventures through the trees! It was a tremendous season and a sport we all enjoy doing TOGETHER - so worth every $$ invested!! As always - WE CAN'T WAIT TIL IT SNOWS AGAIN!!!
A very special Snowboarding day with just COLTEN and MOM !
A beautiful view from up TOP!  AND -
I guess its okay to admit now that the kids weren't really that sick this school season.
 --- They had ski FEVER really bad !!! ---
Our BIG Snowboarder! Seriously - watch out Shawn White!
Colten has SKILL !
We were adventurous this season and really enjoyed snowboarding in the trees!
Our skiing TRIO - Karsen, Cambria and Colten  2009 -2010
These kids totally rock... it's amazingly fun to ski with them!
Karsen turned 8 this year and had a tremendous Birthday and Baptism Day!
He is such an awesome boy with so much love for his family! He's funny, silly, smart and has the most captivating facial expressions you'll ever see! He's a GAMER.. video games, basketball, baseball, soccer, more basketball. The guy NEVER misses a SHOT on a basketball court - that's because he spends hours each day SHOOTING
Karsen was stoked about his birthday present this year! He rules the STREETS now!
He also LOST another tooth!! It's the year of MISSING teeth for Karsen.
It was also PAJAMA Day at school on his B-DAY! So, here he is with his buddy Toby.. I brought him a special birthday lunch too and ate at school with him!
Another snowy day in March skiing with Papa Kirk.. You'd think all we do is ski! Well - kind of I guess! 
We'd ski and board everyday of the season if Brett could get paid doing it!! 
ON the slopes in UTAH with G'ma Sue and Papa Kirk.
Our FAMILY SKI season PICTURE 2009-2010
Karsen's special Baptism Day.. March 27
Our family.. we are so proud of you Karsen!
Two special pictures: Karsen and his grandparents and Karsen with his dad!
Our little man has turned into one very HANDSOME boy! We love you Karsen!
the Spencer family (above) and the Sorensen family (below)
Karsen's Baptism fans!