July 21, 2008

Colten's 1st summer tennis camp

This is Colten's 1st year taking summer tennis lessons and he absolutely loves it! Just ask him!! He's learned a lot and is ready to take on mom in a game (at least he thinks so). You see, I have been playing too - when my leg hasn't been injured. My serves have never been stronger and I am playing better than I ever have! Tennis is a great sport and I hope to see all our kids playing it for a very long time. Karsen wanted to play with Colten this year but you have to be 7 to take lessons.  Next year buddy - it's always next year for him.! He's tired of hearing that- they should have just been twins!
Colten showing his forehand technic! Not bad.
And then, there's the backhand - he's learning quickly on this swing too! It's the harder of the two, but he's getting the hang of rotating his racquet! We're proud of you Colten!
Next week, both the boys start Basketball Camp! Watch out! They are tough on the court!