July 18, 2008

Today..Our 11 year anniversary!!

Today is our 11th year wedding anniversary and we couldn't be any happier! We are excited to be where we are and to have such a fun marriage and awesome family!  We've definitely grown and learned many lessons together in our marriage and anticipate each year to see what we've accomplished! We are extremely proud of our three kids...Colten, Karsen and Cambria and growing up with them is extremely cool! They truly BRING OUT the FUN in our family! Here's a look back at a few pictures to see how we have grown!
A picture of Colten Brett, "Buddah" in this pic.. I think he's about 6 months old! He was tons of fun and so handsome! Just look at all those rolls..so cuddly! (Born Feb 2001)
13 months later (March 2002) we grew to two boys..Karsen Chase joined our family quickly and very sneakily! He is definitely the funny, most spontaneous one in the bunch! We never know what we are going to get out of him! He just loves to make everyone laugh!!
Then came our spunky little girl.. Cambria Naomi (June 2004) and we decided to call it quits! Our family was complete! Two boys and a girl is all we could ask for and we are so glad to have each one of them! They are so different (hair and all) and each bring something crazy to our family.
And yes! this is who started is all... 11 years ago today and we don't regret any of it!! Just look at these two kids...what were they thinking??  And who imagined and believed it would all turn out this great!! WE DID!!! Happy 11th year Anniversary honey! I love you!!


Amy said...

OOOHHH so so precious! I forgot to tell you happy anniversary, so happy day to you guys! You really are the cutest couple and are so perfect for each other. I love love love the Buddah pic, honestly it makes me laugh every time I see it. Glad you guys are doing something fun tomorrow for the big day.

Harris Family said...

Happy Anniversary to you! Time flies by when your having fun! Cute family girl! Good Work.