August 26, 2008

Cambria's cutest Bathroom!

So it's amazing what you can get done in a day! This morning, I completed decorating Cambria's Bathroom! She was so amazed! She ran in and gave me the biggest hug and said: "I can't believe you did this today! I love you mom!" Now if that just doesn't make your heart melt!
Cambria definitely can be a Drama Queen! She knows exactly what that sign says and we put her cutest pictures on the wall. By the way, she loves the colors pink and purple!
Another great picture to show her personality! She has so many distinct poses she does and faces she makes - it's fun to capture them when I can.
Her Bath area and shower curtain..
And of course, one shot with her to show you how HAPPY she was! And to think that this picture doesn't even come close to the excitement she showed!


Stephanie said...

Wow, I love the bathroom lots! The rest of the house looks awesome too, I can't wait to come and have a movie night in your awesome new basement and use the ultra cute bathrooms! We miss ya and will talk to you later.

Amy said...

Ok so seriously I can't believe what a wonder woman you are. You just get a room done in a day and it's no big deal, no fair. It is adorable, I LOVE IT. And I bet Cambria is in heaven, way fun. I'll come by and see it in person okay?

Caleen said...

A cute bathroom for the cutest little
girl. You really did a awesome job. I love the colors.. I love all the sweet things she says. She warms my heart too.. You have a decorating touch.. Now, get over to my house...
I need Help!! ha!