August 28, 2008

Don't mess with Cambria when she sings!

CAMBRIA had a great day playing outside with her friend Ben and doggy Rigby.
Cambria always  has a smile on her face when she holds Rigby.  But Rigby told me he just wanted me to snap the picture fast so he could try to wiggle his way down and run away!
Cambria singing outside yesterday..... I was wondering what was going on because she had Ben over to play and all I heard was her singing at the top of her lungs. I peeked outside and she was inside her playhouse perched on a seat in the corner singing with such determination to "act" like the real thing! Ben came over and was yelling "Cambria, Cambria" when Cambria peeked her head out of the playhouse and said "Ben, don't talk to me when I'm singing my songs!" She said it with such little girl attitude and her body language was hilarious. She turned around and sat back on her seat and finished her song completely. If only I'd have caught that on tape! Then she ran to play with Ben. Her singing practice time was over! The Next thing I caught was this....
Good thing Rigby has patience for Cambria.. he actually has no choice!


Caleen said...

I love this... She is so sincere and so passionate when she sings. How fun she is and so full of personality.Don't worry Rigby will survive. She is just too cute.

lvs2dance said...

how funny! I love that I am not the only one who has a daughter that does exactly the opposite of what I tell her to do. LOL