November 3, 2008

Thanksgiving Point "Cornbelly's" FUN!

Each Halloween, we spend an evening at Cornbelly's, Thanksgiving Pointe! Dad & the kids ready to begin this night full of fun!
Mom & the kids.. (Brett's getting better at taking a few shots with me in them)
Karsen loved the bouncing trampoline.. he really got some air when Brett would bounce him!
Who's Your Daddy??
Mom, Colten, Cambria and Karsen ready for the "oh so very fast" cow-tractor-pull ride!
Off to the "creepy, scary monster of doom!"  "Don't worry sons.. I'll be right here!" says Dad.
Our very goofy and fun daddy riding down the slide (don't tell him it's here.. he doesn't know how to delete it anyway!) He's truly just a very big kid!!
Colten and Karsen enjoying a few rounds of teather ball...
Cambria and I jumping on the monster trampoline!! Open your eyes Cambria.. I promise I won't bounce you that high!!
"But you will fly out of the slide"... this was a very fast slide. It threw you out of the tunnel!!
Cambria dressed up as Snow White at the Princess Playland... (Just you wait til you see her Snow White costume my mom made her!!!)
I found my true love and Brett was so anxious to take our picture -- this was HIS idea!!
Peek-a-boo! I can play too!
Brett and his new truck! i always promised him I'd get him one! -- He's so excited!
 I told him he could only have it if he figured out how to get it home. Luckily, it's not here yet!


lvs2dance said...

How fun!!! We didn't make it there this year...oh well. I love the one of everyone on the rocking chair, Brett looks so little,...i didn't think that would be possible!